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Card: Stargazers

[Card image]
GameRage: Tribal War
Card TextType: Tribe
Tribe Fury: 10 Sept Draw: 4
Cohorts: Children of Gaia (+1) / Silent Striders (+1) / Uktena (+1) / Wendigo (+1)
Text: Members of your pack cannot participate in pack combats.
If you have a Garou in combat, you may use this event:
Pre-Combat (Out): Discard one Sept card from your hand or two Sept cards from your deck to fight this combat under Kailindo rules.
Flavor Text"Well, you know, I'd be of a mind not to believe what Natasha and Talks-to-Spirits have said. But on the other hand, The Dean had a falling-out with Sees-Your-Heart, and how often do you hear of two Stargazers brawling? And I have a feelings something's going to be going down here shortly, in a major way. I think I have to join in with the gang, despite what I have seen." - Cindy Paradise
ArtistBlake Beasley
LanguageEnglish EN
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