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Card: Bone Gnawers

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NameBone Gnawers
GameRage: Tribal War
SetPhase 2
Card TextTribe
Cohorts: Get of Fenris (+1) Silent Striders (+1)
Tribe Fury 14 Sept Draw 4
Flavor TextSept Draw Event: Twice per game, you may take any one Sept card from your discard pile instead of drawing a card from your deck. You must use this Event before you draw any cards.

"I cannot believe it! The carnage I have seen in the alleys, the blood that runs in the gutters of Las Vegas! The Red Talons stalk the streets like terrors, spreading fear and death. Do they not realize what they do? They have turned against everything we swore so many centuries ago. But no more! This is our territory, we have marked it by neon, and we shall make them pay dearly for their insolence!" - Gordon Goffe
ArtistBlake Beasley
LanguageEnglish EN
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