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Card: Martyr

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GameLegend of the Five Rings
SetImperial Edition
Card TextReaction: Play this card after the death of your Personality, targeting the card that killed him or her. That card's controller loses 5 Honor. In a battle, the target may be any Personality in the opposing army.
ArtistKen Meyer
LanguageEnglish EN

Can be used if the Personality is killed by an action, other than a duel-causing one, that is discarded (e.g., Kolat Assassin), because actions are discarded after they resolve. [REVERSAL, JA, e-mail, 3 December 2000]

May be used if an event killed the Personality. [DW, April 2000]

May be used if the action created or moved a token that killed the Personality. [DW, e-mail, 29 March 1999]

If your Personality died as a result of a battle or duel, Martyr's only legal target is an opposing Personality. [DW, e-mail, 14 July 1997]

May not be played against an opposing Personality after a tied battle or duel, because it is played after your Personality dies, at which point the card that killed him is no longer in play either. [DW, 26 February 1997 & 3/11/97]

Multiples may be played as reactions to a single death (though not simultaneously). [DW, l5rinfo, 6/6/96, and card text]

Legal: open
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