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Card: Blackmail

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GameLegend of the Five Rings
SetImperial Edition
Card TextLimited: Choose a Province and a holding of another player. Take control of that holding while Blackmail is in play. As an Open Action, the affected player may reveal the Blackmail, destroying it and the target Province. Also, the holding is returned, and you lose 10 Honor. If the Province is destroyed, Blackmail cannot be revealed."
ArtistBryon Wackwitz
LanguageEnglish EN

If you steal a Fortification, it stays attached to its original owner's Province, but you control its abilities. [REVERSAL, RD, e-mail, 5/8/97]

Revealing this card is an action taken by its original target, but the loss is caused by the Blackmail itself. [Card text] Thus, the blackmailer can avoid the loss with Defend Your Honor, and the revealer can double it with Court Jester. [DW, 31 October 1996]

Legal: open
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