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Card: L'Epée Bleme

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NameL'Epée Bleme (The Pale Sword)
GameMiddle Earth
SetThe Wizards (limited)
Card TextUnique. A Nazgul's prowess is modified by +1. If used with the Witch-king of Angmar, his prowess is increased by +1 plus the number of Nazgul permanent-events in play. Discard if attack doesn't wound a character. Corruption. One character (attacker's choice) wounded by an attack modified by this card receives 6 corruption points (place this card under the character). If at a Haven [H] during his untap phase, a character with this card may attempt to remove it instead of untapping or healing. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 5, discard this card. Cannot be duplicated on a given Nazgul.
ArtistRandy Asplund-Faith
LanguageFrench FR
TypeHazard Event
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