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Card: Der Balrog von Moria

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NameDer Balrog von Moria (Balrog of Moria)
GameMiddle Earth
SetThe Wizards (limited)
Card TextUnique. The Balrog appears in Moria. The Moria site gains a second automatic-attack of 1 strike with 18 prowess and no body (i.e., 18/-). If this 2nd automatic-attack is defeated, this permanent-event is removed from play (i.e., the Balrog is defeated). If your opponent defeats this 2nd automatic-attack, he receives the marshalling points. In addition, unless Galadriel is at Lórien, or she is not in play, Lórien is considered a Free-hold [F] (for the purposes of healing and playing hazards). +2 prowess to all automatic-attacks at sites in Hollin, Redhorn Gate, and Wold & Foothills.
ArtistRob Alexander
LanguageGerman DE
TypeHazard Event
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