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Available cardlists:
PromoBase Set
Hands of the EmperorSedition's Gate
The Battle for ProsperoTraitor's Gambit
Blades of the TraitorSiege of Terra
Battle for the Golden ThroneDaemons' Fire
Other Rare / Promotional CardsDropsite Massacre

Edition: Base Set

Available languages (4):

Subsets: Normal / Info / Sector

Nr ScanNameTypeSideRarity
1[Skan]Constantin Valdor - Chief Custodian to the EmperorAssetLoyalistRare
2[Skan]For the Emperor!AssetLoyalistUncommon
3[Skan]Leman Russ - Primarch of the Space WolvesAssetLoyalistFoil
4[Skan]Malcador the Sigillite - First Lord of TerraAssetLoyalistFoil
5[Skan]Saul Tarvitz - First-Captain of the Emperor's ChildrenAssetLoyalistUncommon
6[Skan]The Emperor's FuryAssetLoyalistRare
7[Skan]The Emperor's MightAssetLoyalistRare
8[Skan]The Emperor's WisdomAssetLoyalistRare
9[Skan]Ragnarok - FlagshipShipLoyalistRare
10[Skan]Aesir - DreadnoughtUnitLoyalistUncommon
11[Skan]Ansgar - Long Fang SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
12[Skan]Ascetum - Custodian Terminator SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
13[Skan]Asgeir - Fenris HuntersUnitLoyalistCommon
14[Skan]Bjorn - Wolfguard ChampionUnitLoyalistFoil
15[Skan]Brynjolf - Long Fang SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
16[Skan]Diocleton - Custodian Command SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
17[Skan]Eidolon - Heavy Support SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
18[Skan]Eldgrim - Long Fang SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
19[Skan]Garan - Fenris BloodsUnitLoyalistCommon
20[Skan]Gauste - Terminator SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
21[Skan]Greyfell - Long Fang SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
22[Skan]Grolkar - Veteran SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
23[Skan]Herculanus - Custodian Guard SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
24[Skan]Ice Leopards - Witchseeker SquadUnitLoyalistRare
25[Skan]Jorlund - Hunter Support SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
26[Skan]Justarius - DreadnoughtUnitLoyalistUncommon
27[Skan]Kolbyr - Hunter Support SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
28[Skan]Locastor - Veteran SquadUnitLoyalistRare
29[Skan]Odin - Command SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
30[Skan]Praetoron - Custodian Guard SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
31[Skan]Sagittarus - Custodian DreadnoughtUnitLoyalistFoil
32[Skan]Sigvard - Claw Assault SquadUnitLoyalistCommon
33[Skan]Skane - Heavy Support SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
34[Skan]Thodorion - DreadnoughtUnitLoyalistCommon
35[Skan]Thorlief - Wolfguard SquadUnitLoyalistRare
36[Skan]Vespason - Custodian Command SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
37[Skan]White Falcons - Vigilator SquadUnitLoyalistRare
38[Skan]Winter Hawks - Prosecutor SquadUnitLoyalistUncommon
39[Skan]Abaddon - Lodge Captain of the Sons of HorusAssetFoil
40[Skan]Ahriman - Chief Librarian of the Thousand SonsAssetFoil
41[Skan]Brother Amsu - Thousand Sons Standard BearerAssetRare
42[Skan]Glory to Horus!AssetUncommon
43[Skan]Horus's AngerAssetUncommon
44[Skan]Horus's PactAssetRare
45[Skan]Horus's VengeanceAssetRare
46[Skan]Magnus the Red - Primarch of the Thousand SonsAssetFoil
47[Skan]Serghar Targorst - Lodge Master of the Sons of HorusAssetRare
48[Skan]The Vengeful Spirit - FlagshipShipRare
49[Skan]Abakhol - Warrior SquadUnitUncommon
50[Skan]Abaddon - and RetinueUnitFoil
51[Skan]Ahriman - and BodyguardUnitRare
52[Skan]Apophis - Command SquadUnitCommon
53[Skan]Bakhart - DreadnoughtUnitUncommon
54[Skan]Chondon - Despoiler SquadUnitCommon
55[Skan]Dhauske - Veteran SquadUnitUncommon
56[Skan]Dasturkh - Destroyer SquadUnitRare
57[Skan]Dhekarst - DreadnoughtUnitUncommon
58[Skan]Durkhall - Reaver SquadUnitCommon
59[Skan]Fulgerion - Veteran SquadUnitUncommon
60[Skan]Hasani - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
61[Skan]Jafari - Tactical Support SquadUnitRare
62[Skan]Kargori - DreadnoughtUnitRare
63[Skan]Kargul - DreadnoughtUnitUncommon
64[Skan]Keilorol - Bike SquadUnitCommon
65[Skan]Khabant - Reaver SquadUnitUncommon
66[Skan]Khaddark - Despoiler SquadUnitUncommon
67[Skan]Khalid - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
68[Skan]Khalmekt - Tactical SquadUnitUncommon
69[Skan]Lachost - Chieftain SquadUnitCommon
70[Skan]Macadhon - Rampager SquadUnitUncommon
71[Skan]Menkaura - Assault SquadUnitCommon
72[Skan]Sekhmet - Terminator SquadUnitCommon
73[Skan]Sobek - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
74[Skan]Sorrak - Bike SquadUnitCommon
75[Skan]Vaddon - Chieftain SquadUnitCommon
76[Skan]Wronde - Veteran SquadUnitCommon
77[Skan]Argus Brond - Captain of the World EatersAssetRare
79[Skan]Chief-Adept Kelbor-Hal - Fabricator-General of MarsAssetFoil
80[Skan]Cleanse and BurnAssetCommon
81[Skan]Command BunkerAssetRare
82[Skan]Command PostAssetCommon
83[Skan]Duke Mortecher - Imperial Emissary to IsstvanAssetFoil
84[Skan]Frontal AssaultAssetCommon
85[Skan]Hold at All CostsAssetUncommon
86[Skan]Holgoarg - Captain of the Death GuardAssetRare
87[Skan]Ignatius Grulgor - Commander of the Death GuardAssetRare
88[Skan]Landing ZoneAssetUncommon
89[Skan]Leave No SurvivorsAssetUncommon
90[Skan]Missile BatteryAssetRare
92[Skan]Ruined SettlementAssetCommon
93[Skan]Seek and DestroyAssetUncommon
94[Skan]Skeletal ForestAssetUncommon
96[Skan]Stealth ApproachAssetCommon
97[Skan]Subversive TacticsAssetUncommon
98[Skan]Trench SystemAssetCommon
99[Skan]Barbaros' Sting - Strike CraftShipUncommon
100[Skan]Gladiator - Capital ShipShipUncommon
101[Skan]Pride of the Emperor - BattleshipShipRare
102[Skan]The Indomitable Will - Capital ShipShipUncommon
103[Skan]Alpha-Rho 25 - Mechanicum ProtectorsUnitCommon
104[Skan]Alpha-Zeta 54 - Mechanicum ProtectorsUnitUncommon
105[Skan]Ares' Fury - RhinoUnitUncommon
106[Skan]Asceton - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
107[Skan]Barsk - Tactical SquadUnitUncommon
108[Skan]Battle's Glory - Command Land Raider TransportUnitRare
109[Skan]Beivolchus - Tactical SquadUnitCommon
110[Skan]Blade of Fury - Land Raider TransportUnitRare
111[Skan]Charosion - VeteransUnitRare
112[Skan]Chemoscion - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
113[Skan]Chermondial - Assault SquadUnitUncommon
114[Skan]Darosin - Attack Bike SquadUnitCommon
115[Skan]Dawn's Fire - Predator TankUnitRare
116[Skan]Death Bringer - Rhino TransportUnitCommon
117[Skan]Death's Talon - Command PredatorUnitRare
118[Skan]Delta-Omega 42 - Mechanicum ProtectorsUnitCommon
119[Skan]Eitholchin - Heavy Support SquadUnitRare
120[Skan]Epsilon-Rho 32 - Mechanicum ProtectorsUnitUncommon
121[Skan]Epsilon-Sigma 05 - Mechanicum ProtectorsUnitRare
122[Skan]Fleiste - Assault SquadUnitUncommon
123[Skan]Gharte - Assault SquadUnitCommon
124[Skan]Gladiator Group 27 - Planetary Assault Transport VehiclesUnitRare
125[Skan]Goldoara - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
126[Skan]Gurtur-Fol - Terminator SquadUnitUncommon
127[Skan]Hammer of Justice - Predator TankUnitRare
128[Skan]Hidden Strength - Command Rhino TransportUnitUncommon
129[Skan]Indomitable Will Group 05 - Planetary Transport VehiclesUnitCommon
130[Skan]Justaerin - Terminator SquadUnitRare
131[Skan]Justicar's Sword - Command Rhino TransportUnitUncommon
132[Skan]Kaitheron - Tactical Support SquadUnitUncommon
133[Skan]Keth - Attack Bike SquadUnitUncommon
134[Skan]Khorst - Assault Support SquadUnitCommon
135[Skan]Krast - Bike SquadUnitRare
136[Skan]Letharton - Support Jet Bike SquadUnitUncommon
137[Skan]Lorg - DreadnoughtUnitFoil
138[Skan]Mortag - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
139[Skan]Moturg - Tactical SquadUnitCommon
140[Skan]Perfection's Flight - Thunderbolt GunshipUnitRare
141[Skan]Raelichus - Jet Bike SquadUnitRare
142[Skan]Rethaerin - Emperor's Children PlatoonUnitRare
143[Skan]Rorrorg - Support Bike SquadUnitCommon
144[Skan]Rylanor - DreadnoughtUnitFoil
145[Skan]Saeverin - Tactical SquadUnitCommon
146[Skan]Sardaeron - Terminator SquadUnitCommon
147[Skan]Sylvanor - Heavy Support SquadUnitCommon
148[Skan]Tisamenos - Support Jet Bike SquadUnitUncommon
149[Skan]Torvinal - Tactical Support SquadUnitCommon
150[Skan]Tyche - Attack Bike SquadUnitUncommon
151[Skan]Vairosein - VeteransUnitCommon
152[Skan]Wroath - Land Speeder SquadUnitUncommon

Cards: 152

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