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Edition: Arms & Tactics

Available languages (1):

ScanName Type1Type2Rarity
[brak obrazka]Alertness (Block)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Alertness (Dodge)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Alertness (Hidden)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Amanda Femme FataleEdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Amanda Mistaken IdentitySituationRare
[brak obrazka]Annie Devlin Eye for an EyeEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Annie Devlin Flashing BladeEdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Arms and Tactics Pre-Game (May play a card)Pre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Arms and Tactics Pre-Game (Remove 5 Cards)Pre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Bad Luck (3 Card)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Bad Luck (Discard)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Big and BadEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear ImpaleEventRare
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear Spinning Block (Left)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear Spinning Block (Right)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Broad Bladed Spear Spinning Block (Upper)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn AlaineSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Back AwayDodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Battle RageEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn CallumSituationRare
[Skan]Ceirdwyn ContinuitySituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Evade (Left)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Evade (Right)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn FlashbackSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn JakobSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Master's AttackAttackRare
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Master's DodgeDodgeRare
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn MyraSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn NevaSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn PersonaPersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn Power BlowEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn PremiumPre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn RetributionEventRare
[brak obrazka]Ceirdwyn TripEventUncommon
[Skan]Change of FortuneSituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Claymore Cleave (Left-Right)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Claymore Cleave (Top-Bottom)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Claymore Hammer BlowEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Claymore Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Claymore Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Claymore ReachEventRare
[brak obrazka]Concentration (Attack)EdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Concentration (Defense)EdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Crystal Pre-Game (Calliope)Pre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Crystal Pre-Game (Euterpe)Pre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Crystal Pre-Game (Terpsichore)Pre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Cull the Weak (Exhausted)EventCommon
[Skan]Cull the Weak (Tired)SituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Cull the Weak (Weak)SituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Defensive StanceSituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Diane TerrinSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Dirty Trick (Choke)AttackRare
[brak obrazka]Dirty Trick (Head Butt)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Dirty Trick (Tackle)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Disarm (Block)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Double EagleLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Dueling GroundsLocationRare
[Skan]Duelist (Ballestra Version 1)SituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Duelist (Ballestra Version 2)SituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Duelist (Coup de Grace)SituationCommon
[brak obrazka]Duncan MacLeod Master of DisguiseSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Duncan MacLeod T-BirdObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]EncumberedSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Extra WeaponObjectCommon
[brak obrazka]Focus (Opponent's Turn)EdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Focus (Your Turn)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]ForesightEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius Deflect (UL)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius Deflect (UR)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Gladius Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius Stab (ML)AttackUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius Stab (MR)AttackUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gladius TwistEdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Gypsy CampLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Gypsy's CurseSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Head ShotEventCommon
[brak obrazka]Holy Ground (Look)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Immortal (A&D)PersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Immortal (Immortal Specific)PersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Immortal (Res)PersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Immortal (WoC)PersonaRare
[brak obrazka]ImpulseEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]In Cold BloodSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Iron Will (+1)EdgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Joe'sLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Kalas Insurance (3 Card)EventRare
[brak obrazka]Kalas Insurance (You Discard)SituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kalas Master's BlockBlockRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Back AwayDodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanis Evade (Left)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Kanis Evade (Right)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Kanis FlashbackEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanis Hound (Cornwall)SituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Hound (Hampton)SituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Hound (Lancaster)SituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Leader of the PackEventRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Master of the HuntEventRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Master's ManeuverSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis PersonaPersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Kanis Power BlowEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanis PremiumPre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Kanis Pure BreedEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Back AwayDodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Battle RageEventRare
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf CombinationEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf ContinuitySituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Evade (Left)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Evade (Right)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Extra ShotEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf FlashbackSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf Master's AdviceSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf PersonaPersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf PremiumPre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf SacrificeEventRare
[brak obrazka]Kanwulf TripEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Katana Sword Lightning ReflexesSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Katana Sword Lightning Strike (block)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Katana Sword Lightning Strike (dodge)EdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Katana Sword Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Katana Sword Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kern Calm Before the StormEventRare
[brak obrazka]Kern MusketObjectRare
[Skan]Left GuardBlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Center Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower GuardBlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Left Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Lower Right Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Luther Incense of PainObjectRare
[brak obrazka]Luther Master's AttackAttackRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Back AwayDodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde CombinationEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde ContinuitySituationUncommon
[Skan]Martin Hyde Evade (Left)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Evade (Right)DodgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Extra shotEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde HunterEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde IntimidateEventRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Master's BlockBlockRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Master's TrickEventRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde PersonaPersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde PremiumPre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde StalkAttackRare
[brak obrazka]Martin Hyde Weapon BindEventRare
[brak obrazka]Matthew McCormickSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Left Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Left Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Left Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Right Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Right Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Middle Right Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]MisfortuneEventCommon
[brak obrazka]Narrow Escape (Avoid)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Nefertiri Have a Good LifeEventRare
[brak obrazka]Nemesis (Ceirdwyn)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nemesis (Kanis)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nemesis (Kanwulf)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nemesis (Martin Hyde)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nemesis (Paul Kinman)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade Dual Attack (LL, UR)AttackRare
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade Dual Attack (UL, LR)AttackRare
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade Surprise Attack (ML)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade Surprise Attack (MR)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Parrying Blade TrapEventRare
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman 9mmObjectRare
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman Back AwayDodgeUncommon
[Skan]Paul Kinman CombinationEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman ContinuitySituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman Contract KillerSituationRare
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman DeceiverSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman PersonaPersonaRare
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman PremiumPre-GamePremium
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman ReloadEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman Side Step (Left)DodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman Side Step (Right)DodgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman TauntEventRare
[brak obrazka]Paul Kinman TripEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]Police (Damage)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Police (Situation)EventCommon
[brak obrazka]Rail YardLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Rapier Bleeding WoundSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Rapier Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Rapier Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[Skan]Rapier Slice (UL, MC)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Rapier Slice (UR, MC)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Rapier SwashbucklerSituationRare
[brak obrazka]ReconnaissanceEdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Richie Ryan Master's AttackAttackRare
[brak obrazka]Right GuardBlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Ring of FireLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Rules of the Game (Allies)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Rules of the Game (Event)SituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Rules of the Game (Ranged Attack)SituationUncommon
[Skan]Run For Your LifeEdgeCommon
[brak obrazka]Saber Guard (UL)BlockUncommon
[brak obrazka]Saber Guard (UR)BlockUncommon
[brak obrazka]Saber Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Saber Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Saber Slash (Left)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Saber Slash (Right)AttackRare
[brak obrazka]Saber Slash (Upper)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Shield Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]Shield Under CoverEdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Shifting SandsSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Slan Quince BruteSituationUncommon
[brak obrazka]Slan Quince MaskObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]Slash (Left-Right)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Slash (Top-Bottom)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Slaughter HouseLocationRare
[brak obrazka]Sources RevealedEdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]Sulphur PlantLocationRare
[brak obrazka]The Bigger They AreEdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]The CircleLocationRare
[brak obrazka]The GatheringSituationRare
[brak obrazka]TheatreLocationRare
[brak obrazka]There Can Be Only One (Block)EdgeRare
[brak obrazka]There Can Be Only One (Dodge)EdgeRare
[brak obrazka]Thrust (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Thrust (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Thrust (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Up and at 'EmEventCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Center Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper GuardBlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Left Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Left Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Left Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Left Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Left Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Attack (Version 1)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Attack (Version 2)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Attack (Version 3)AttackCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Block (Version 1)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Block (Version 2)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Upper Right Block (Version 3)BlockCommon
[brak obrazka]Vice GripEdgeUncommon
[brak obrazka]War Axe Attack WeaponEventUncommon
[brak obrazka]War Axe Pre-GamePre-GameRare
[brak obrazka]War Axe Quality BladeObjectUncommon
[brak obrazka]War Axe ThrowAttackRare
[brak obrazka]Xavier St. Cloud LootEventRare

Cards: 263

Rarity distribution
Type1 distribution