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Dragon Ball GT CCG -> Cardlists -> Villain Invasion subset

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BabyLost Episodes
Super 17Villain Invasion subset
Shadow DragonPromo

Edition: Villain Invasion subset

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameType1Type2Rarity
1[brak obrazka]Captain GinyuSubset
2[brak obrazka]Captain Ginyu, the LeaderSubset
3[brak obrazka]Captain Ginyu, the Head HonchoSubset
4[brak obrazka]Captain Ginyu, the BigwigSubset
5[brak obrazka]DodoriaSubset
6[brak obrazka]Dodoria, the BulgingSubset
7[brak obrazka]Dodoria, the BulkySubset
8[brak obrazka]Dodoria, the BrawnySubset
9[brak obrazka]King ColdSubset
10[brak obrazka]King Cold, Father of FriezaSubset
11[brak obrazka]King Cold, the BaronSubset
12[brak obrazka]King Cold, the TyrantSubset
13[brak obrazka]Majin YakonSubset
14[brak obrazka]Majin Yakon, Lizard ManSubset
15[brak obrazka]Majin Yakon, Energy SuckerSubset
16[brak obrazka]Majin Yakon, the DarkSubset
17[brak obrazka]NappaSubset
18[brak obrazka]Nappa, Bald SaiyanSubset
19[brak obrazka]Nappa, Saiyan WarriorSubset
20[brak obrazka]Nappa, EnergeticSubset
21[brak obrazka]SabaimenSubset
22[brak obrazka]Saibaimen, the Green GuySubset
23[brak obrazka]Saibaimen, the OrganicSubset
24[brak obrazka]Saibaimen, the NuttySubset
25[brak obrazka]ZarbonSubset
26[brak obrazka]Zarbon, the FashionableSubset
27[brak obrazka]Zarbon, the MonstrousSubset
28[brak obrazka]Zarbon, the EvilSubset

Cards: 28